Friday 18 April 2014 NEWS

Quantum dot 272 Solar windows for your home

17/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

Quantum dots could help solar cells efficiently harvest more sunlight, opening up new potential applications read on

Helping to rebuild damaged communities

15/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

Sustainable and adaptable disaster relief vehicle acts as first response and long-term relief read on

What would be in your virtual innovation showcase?

14/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

Your chance to vote on the most exciting innovations set to shape our built environment. #T4Cshowcase read on

Mist curtain is 3D interactive

11/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

Users can move images on personal fog-screen and place them on tabletop to share with others read on

Panasonic solar cell breaks 25% efficiency

10/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

Company claim it’s a world record for crystalline silicon-based cells of a "practical size" read on

Compostable and sustainable shrimp plastic

10/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

Wyss develops degradable bioplastic as safer alternative to synthetic plastics with potential for large-scale manufacturing read on

Hybrid material to simplify manufacturing

7/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

Solar cells and electronic displays just two of the products to potentially be revolutionised by new reinforced supermaterial read on


Designing housing for a growing population

2/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

Living Cities competition to help find solutions to New York's potential housing crisis announces winners read on

Emerging Technologies

3D printing for the masses

7/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

The Micro could signal the next generation of printers that can be used by anybody and everybody read on


Wood buildings can slash global fossil fuel use

4/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

Efficiently harvesting material instead of burning would also mean reduced carbon dioxide emissions, new report states read on


Giving six million people clean, cheap energy

16/4/2014 > by Matt Clifford

As campaign to abolish kerosene lamps in Africa reaches major milestone, BRE’s Gwyn Roberts talks to T4C about how his quest into the heart of the continent allowed him to play his part read on